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About Albanese Candy
Albanese Candy

If your Gummi Bear doesn't have an "A", then it's not an Albanese Gummi.

Albanese Confectionery is a United States manufacturer of The World's Best Gummies, Gold Label Chocolates and other tasty confections. Founded in 1983 with a real passion and reputation for producing the best food products, our commitment has allowed for steady and sustainable growth. Albanese Confectionery uses only the highest quality U.S. or European food ingredients (Sorry China). In 1997 we embarked upon construction of a new manufacturing facility in Hobart, Indiana and entered into the gummi market. Applying our food expertise to gummies, the efforts of our group has resulted in many innovations.

Albanese Candy

We're An Innovative Candy Company - Check Us Out.

Through formulation and new technology, we were able to achieve breakthrough in the flavor release of gelatin articles - technically thought impossible.

Technical breakthrough allowed for a dramatically more sour gelatin product by placing the sour inside the gelatin piece - technically thought impossible.

Innovation in gummi concepts resulted in Albanese winning Professional Candy Buyers Product of the Year award in the non-chocolate category.

Brought back the almost lost art of antique quality, rotogravure printing to all of our packaging.

Nominated again for Product of the Year in the non-chocolate category.

Received the prestigious TECHNOLOGY AWARD, for developing the process of placing OMEGA 3 Fish Oil into a gummi.

Incredibly, Once again nominated for Product of the Year in the non-chocolate category. To our knowledge, no other company has received as many nominations.

Developed a gummi that does not freeze. Suitable for Ice cream Soft serve or hard packed.

Received approval by the FDA for a Vegetable /Fruit Snack for the school lunch program. Exceeds the most demanding State requirements.

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